Family Band

Sometimes Joe Pete kicks out the jams with his wife and/or son.

Ruth Rappaport (guitar, vocals and Joe Pete’s wife) & Ben Wetherbee (fiddle, harmonica, vocals and Joe Pete’s son) play nowadays as a duo, or they add other players for a larger band. They do old-timey music.

Joe Pete don’t play no old-timey music. Joe Pete plays rock ‘n’ roll.

But the family band thing with Ruth, Ben & Joe Pete still happens sometimes when something comes up. It’s less old-timey than Ruth and Ben like, and more old-timey than Joe Pete likes. A road map to sanity for the country?

Go see Ruth & Ben (or Ben w/ anything he’s doing.)

A late night street light lights beautiful naturally distressed type.

Northampton at night after a P-FUNK show.