Legacy Bands

Legacy? It ain’t old; in fact, it ain’t even past.

The Boogaloo Swamis

Joe Pete was a founding member of the Boogaloo Swamis as guitarist and vocalist. The band now consists of leader Mickey Bones, Joe Pete, and a cast of a few others. Joe Kessler frequents on fiddle, as do Chip Taylor Smith and Joe Pete’s son Ben Wetherbee. Ted Larkin frequents on drums, while bassists Brian Rost and Steve Bigelow are frequent co-conspirators in kicking out the Cajun-Zydeco-Rock jams. For booking contact Mickey Bones.

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The Hubcaps

Joe Pete with Mickey Bones and Brian Rost were the original Hubcaps. Whereas the Boogaloo Swamis were a focused band in their repertoire, the Hubcaps were rather wide ranging in theirs. The band played lots of roots, ’50s–’70s rock ‘n’ roll, blues, country, rockabilly, folk along with a mix of various of similar sundry such. Folks liked them a lot and The Hubcaps thing became the starting point of Joe Pete Jams today.

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Family Band

Joe Pete’s wife (Ruth Rappaport) and son (Ben Wetherbee) play old-timey music together in various lineups without Joe Pete. Check them out anytime you can!

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